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Kleen Respect is excited to offer backstage member privilege. We currently have over 10 albums released by Interscope Records/United Music Group. Ranked as high as the top 5 on Reverb and all original music. If you love real music this is for you. We are doing this for the fans that made us who we are. Backstage members will get discounts, free albums, and the latest new release albums and insider information. Backstage members will also get promo discounts on upcoming concerts. You get it all with the Backstage.

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  • The option to purchase exclusive merchandise:
    • Kleen Repsect Swt Prinsus Album T-Shirt
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Kleen Respect
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Kleen Respect has over 10 albums distributed by Interscope Records & United Music Group. JC Miller lead vocals/writer accompanied by Keith Byars lead guitar and Steve Stazeman on Drums. BMI affiliated, it has been played and favorited in the US, UK and Radio City Music Hall on radio and as high as the top 5 on Reverb. To experience the music get an entire album today. All original music.

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